Want to grow your practice?

We specialize in marketing for existing and open Dental offices.

If you’ve been open for a few months, or years, our team will make your life easier. Think of us as your new Marketing Coordinator that is working 24/7 to reach as many people online as possible. Our system was founded on the belief that every person, in every community, needs dental care to unlock the power of their smiles. Our marketing system tells that every dentists unique story and brings new patients straight to you.

Interested in only one service? No problem. We offer each service independently.

Step 1: Website

The first step in marketing any Dental office is the website. It’s important to create an online home where your community can find you at any time, anywhere. We will do an evaluation on your current website and determine if we should completely revamp, or keep it as is. Our sites are patient-focused and people-driven with text, images, and layouts all tailored to tell the dentist’s story. Innovative tools like our Patient Onboarding System make it easy to accept new patients online, and feel like a modern practice!

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Step 2: New Patients through Online Advertising

Secondly, we develop an online advertising strategy that uses Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads to generate new patients to your practice. We educate your community on the power of dental work while promoting your office via targeted Ads with great content. These leads go straight to your Patient Onboarding Assistant, giving your operation a seamless and automated system for building your practice.

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Step 3: A growing presence in Search

Finally, we answer the question people are asking “Hey Google/Siri/Alexa, where can I find a dentist?”. We develop Search Enginge Optimization strategy for your particular office. We write new content, make technicial updates to your website, and generate new backlinks. This process combines with your Online Advertising to create a “Flywheel” of new patients. It’s our goal for your practice to be seen first when someone in your community searches for “Dentists” or is scrolling through platforms like Facebook.

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The Journey

Maintaining and growing your practice is an incredible journey that takes a lot of hard work and organization. We want to be there with you at each step. This is the average timeline for most practices. Keep in mind this is an ideal scenario and our team can help no matter where you are on your journey.

6-Month Process

Our New Practice Marketing system lasts for 6 months in total. It begins with the website redevelopment that takes around 1-2 months, and then we provide 4 months of SEO and Online Advertising. This allows us to create your website, make an impact with educational content and publish ads to generate new patients for your practice. Once the initial 6 months is up, you can continue to utilize our SEO and Online Ads service, or stop. You would simply pay our website Partnership Fee. We’re pretty certain that you’ll want to stick with us for the long haul, though.


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