Dental Logo Design and Branding

We create bold, modern dental logos and branding that reflects the philosophy and story of each unique dentist. It creates the basis for every piece of marketing material, written and visual, that will go into both your physical and digital storefront. We listen closely to your needs to craft a brand for your whole business that is best suited to you and create the foundation for your dental marketing. Once we’ve developed your logo design, we work to hone your brand around that across all other elements.

Over 200 Dental Brand Partners

We provide two packages that will help you jumpstart your brand, or even rebrand if it’s time for an update.

  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Brand Guide
  • Logo Design Package
  • Complimentary Assessment Card
  • Thank-You Postcard
  • (2) Screening Banners

We only create the designs and do not provide printing services.

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Our Process

We begin with a logo design that reflects exactly who you are. We deliver 5-6 concepts and hone one in until you love it! We then deliver your logo in multiple formats such as vertical and horizontal layouts, black and white, single color and others. Once we have the foundation, we can design your business card and other materials to match perfectly and look consistent. Our goal is to show you in the best light, and even having your patients think you’re a national brand with a hometown vibe. Our mission is to brand the future of Dentistry, and to do that, we need to create a unified and consistent look for your brand across all forms of marketing content. In simple terms: your logos, collateral, website and videos should all have the same look and feel. All files are delivered easily through email and are ready to be used the moment you save them!

We’re looking for innovators and hard workers. Those who know that building a practice, is building a life. To create something meaningful takes thought and time. While we do all of the physical designing for you, we really love to see clients give us input and ideas! It’s hard to create a brand when we don’t know who you are, so we take the time to know what you like, and create something that will work for your practice! Our Brand Dental  family is unique, and our clients are some of the most successful out there because they know that through faith and determination, they will impact their communities in a way that can change the world.

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